Abel turns 5!

Abel turns 5!

First of all how is Abel 5 already?! I started this blog when he wasn’t even 1! Time goes too fast. 

I wanted to do a post on his birthday celebrations this year (well last year now…) as it is the first year we have properly made a fuss of it apart from his 1st birthday where we had a small thing at my parents house. If you’ve followed my blog or instagram for a while you will probably know his birthday is Christmas day so it can be a tad awkward. We always have great intentions of separating the day or having something for his birthday a few weeks before but before we know it we run out of time and it’s the 25th! It’s such a hectic time of year, this year is probably the first he’s really wanted a party as he’s at school and of course gets invites from his friends all year.

So first up we did have a party, thankfully one of his wee best pals birthday is also near Christmas so we had a joint celebration to A. save money and B. save his class from having to pick a party or have the expense of 2 so close together.

We hired out our local community hall and had the party in the morning. As it was a joint party it meant we had near to 40 kids and adults of course, it was a tad chaotic! We done a big buffet, had someone come in with music/glitter tattoos/face painting and to dress up for the kids, lots of tacky decorations and a box of dressing up stuff for them all. It went really well and I was KNACKERED after, so glad we done it joint as it meant we could spend more on stuff and share the stress.

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Secondly we were very kindly gifted a tipi party from Activity Delivered the weekend before his actual birthday. Abel invited 2 of his friends to stay over and we had Nora too, Freida was shipped off so the kids could have free reign of the livingroom and the kids room to play without worrying about waking her. 

I must admit these were amazing, the kids faces were a picture and I can only imagine how magical it must have felt for them. They all slept in them amazingly and just had the best time. They come and set up/tidy up too which was even better!





IMG_20181222_180038On his actual birthday of course Christmas takes over but I’m glad hes at an age now where he understands. We didn’t get him any physical gifts from us for his birthday as his party cost a lot but obviously he had all his Christmas stuff and birthday things from everyone else. We let him pick our Christmas dinner which ended up being pizza and all his favourite sides. We had birthday cake for dessert later on with family, it really was such a special day.





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