It’s The Mother is a blog set up by sisters Megan and Lucy, both living in Scotland and going through the journey of motherhood together…

Originally known as “Bramble Bites”, the blog was set up in 2014 by Megan as a place to share recipes and meal ideas while weaning Abel. After a couple of years, Abel getting older and Megan getting more time to focus on other things it felt like they both outgrew what the blog was all about. When her sister Lucy had Nora in early 2016 they decided to blog together under the new name “It’s The Mother”. 


I’m Megan, 26 year old mama to Abel (3) and Freida (8 months). I’m probably the more sensible sister if there was one and definitely more careful in life ( especially when we were younger lol). I love all things to do with motherhood from being a stay at home mum to the network of mums online that keep me going day to day. I run my own business Porter & Bramble, Bramble is what we called Abel in my belly, we actually really liked it as a boys name but not everyone else did… If you have seen my shop’s instagram or Etsy you will know I love to draw, I also love cooking (obviously), date nights, trips to IKEA and wine. My hope when blogging is whether it’s a quick recipe or full blown heart felt post that I can help or inspire someone out there, it keeps me busy and I love writing.


Hello! I’m Lucy, 24 and mum to Nora (1). We live in Scotland with baby daddy Jamie. I am the younger sister and I would also say the crazier one… As well as being mummy everyday I love date nights, shopping, eating EVERYTHING and seeing my amazing friends. I also work as a medical receptionist in a doctors surgery. Before becoming a mum I spent the majority of my money on Pinot Grigio and ASOS, the majority of my time watching Netflix and was all round… a bit selfish! Being mum to Nora has changed me completely! I love to write about day to day mum life (good AND bad days), Nora’s wardrobe (occasionally my own too) and some other stuff in between. I’m new to this blogging world, so bare with me!!