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  • breastfeeding (round 2)

    bf freida1

    I’ve been pretty fortunate with breastfeeding in terms of physically managing to do it, many times I’ve seen questions in Facebook groups about latches or blog posts mentioning tongue tie and been thankful I haven’t come across those issues. With that being said, even if you manage to get the physical thing sussed you still […]

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  • Freida


    We have another baby! Little Freida decided it was time to arrive last Wednesday at exactly 39 weeks. Can’t believe it’s been 10 days already and that we have a girl! We didn’t find out what we were having again but I think when you already have a boy it’s hard to imagine having a […]

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  • boobs

    Boobs. Boobies. Breasts. Tits. Whatever, you want to call them, there is only one reason women have them. So why is it that the majority are so shocked and more often than not, disgusted to see a women using them for just that? Before you roll your eyes and assume this is the preaching of […]

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  • sleep… (3 years old)

    Sleep must be one of the most talked about and controversial parts of parenting. For some reason it still baffles people that most babies don’t sleep very well, it doesn’t matter what routine or set up you have SOMEONE will have an issue with it (and will most likely make a point of telling you) […]

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  • Amsterdam


    Last month we went on a long weekend away to Amsterdam just the two of us, a kind of baby moon I guess before number 2 arrives in April. I had never been before but Mr has been loads either with friends or with work so I was glad we wouldn’t spend the few days […]