Going to bed with Gro #grolove

Going to bed with Gro #grolove

It feels like forever since I posted a review on here, I don’t tend to do them that often but this is for one of my favourite brands so I have been excited to post it.

We have been using Gro products since Abel was born all those years ago (see my review of Ollie the Owl here) and as I said they are still a favourite. Here I will be sharing how we have found trying out the Groclock, Gro anywhere blind and Gro to bed products. 

So first off I will share how we found the blind as that is the one I’ve been asked most about! I’m pleased to share that we got on great with it (hurrah!). It was easy to use, quick to put up and definitely made the room super dark. My sister Lucy even took it with her on a weekend away and said it really helped with Nora at bedtime. It folds up neatly too into a little pocket that comes with it which is great for storage too. It didn’t fall down at all either, this was the most asked question I had, although Lucy tried to stick it to the wall first time… The blind is on offer at the moment too which is great.



Next up the Groclock, this is recommended from about age 2 which I agree with. Abel is 4 1/2 and I have been surprised at how well he is paying attention to it. He is usually up about 6 or 7, I’ve set this to 7:30 and maybe 8/10 he will stay in bed chilling until the sun comes on, result! It’s really easy to work, the instructions are really good with pictures showing you exactly how to set it up then it’s just a case of pushing a button every night. I’m hoping it’ll help when school starts later this month and having a proper bedtime routine (still can’t believe that he is going to school). Again this product is on offer at the moment and I think it’s a great buy as it doubles up as a night light too.



Finally the Gro to bed bedding set. My niece Nora tried this out as she still uses a bed guard and is 2 1/2 so still falls out of bed if one isn’t there. Again the feedback has been great, everything is attached together so no chance of the pillow moving or the cover coming off, the zip stops them falling out of bed too but it can detach if need be especially in this weather. The only con to this is we wish there were more designs but I’m sure that may come in future. They come in 2 sizes so can fit a single or cot bed which is great. It’s definitely something I would look at getting Freida when she is big enough for a bed. 





As always I hope this has helped if you were swithering on any of these products, I’ve linked them all below and if you want to ask anything else pop me a DM on instagram or comment here.

Megan x 

The Groclock https://www.gro-store.com/groclock.html

Gro Anywhere Blind https://www.gro-store.com/gro-anywhere-blind.html

Gro to bed https://www.gro-store.com/going-to-the-zoo-gro-to-bed.html


[I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the products for free to sample. The opinions are completely our own and are 100% honest.]

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