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Meal planning can be used to make life easier, save money, save time or just to help you change up what you eat every week. This is the way I plan our meals and find it works quite well for us. You can always adjust it to suit you, share your meal planning tips too in the comments


What to make?

I tend to start by going through my instagram, pinterest or normal recipe books for inspiration. Even if I find a not so baby friendly one I try to adjust it so Abel can have it too. If you have a notebook you are planning to use for your meal plans then use the front or back page as a list for meals, then you can quickly look through and remember what you have made previously. If you are really organised you could even categorise it! (if anyone does this please let me see!).


Lets get planning!

Ok so you have a rough idea of what you want to make for the week, now think of what you are going to be doing! There is no point in planning to make something that takes a lot of prep if you are going to be out that day. For example we have a sensory class every Wednesday morning so you can almost guarantee every Wednesday Abel will have eggs or something equally as quick and simple for lunch.

I make 3 lists, what Abel is having for lunch, for dinner and what we are having for dinner.

This way I can easily see who is having what and when. I keep it quite vague, as long as I have a rough idea of what I’m making each day I don’t mind finding things to go with it.

Also I mark if anything needs taken out the freezer so I remember (which I am not very good at!).

 Depending on if you are all going to be having the same or if there are days where baby will have something different will change where you will start planning meals. If there are times where Abel will be having something different for whatever reason I do that first as I can just pick anything that suits him.
Then I would pick when we are having the dinners I’ve picked depending on what days I have more time for more complicated meals or when I would want something really quick.

Then I would do his lunches, I don’t really plan our lunches as we will either have what he is or find something else.




Plan what you need

At the bottom of my meal plan I will go through my meals and check if there is anything I need to get. This is my shopping list for the week. So I am only buying what I need and am going to use it up. This is another great thing about meal planning, for example if I buy a big pack of chicken that I won’t use in one meal I can either freeze it or make sure I plan to do something else in the week to use it up.

If you need to swap days or change it up, who cares! Aslong as you remember to stick anything that will go off in the freezer then don’t be too hard on yourself. Make it work for you!

Take your plan with you shopping then stick it somewhere you will see it easily like your fridge. Keep the recipe books you need out as well.

The first week you may find it quite hard to get used to planning and sticking to it and will maybe change how you plan to suit you like change what day your plan starts or make it more detailed but I hope this at least gives you somewhere to start. If anyone needs anymore help with this let me know! I may put up a few meal plans in the future if people show interest.

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