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  • summer bucket + spade list with Frugi


    Anyone else a tad nervous for the summer holidays? Abel started nursery in January, he goes every afternoon and loves it (thankfully!). I also love those 3ish hours every weekday where I can chill with Freida or try and get some work done. So yeah, it got me a little worried about how I’m going […]

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  • #instasplurge


    Okay so, I am a self confessed IG addict! I buy shit, or go places, or whatever just for IG but in this day and age, we are all a bit guilty of it! Here is my list of pointless (some not so pointless) crap I have bought purely for instragramable purposes over the last […]

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  • breastfeeding (round 2)

    bf freida1

    I’ve been pretty fortunate with breastfeeding in terms of physically managing to do it, many times I’ve seen questions in Facebook groups about latches or blog posts mentioning tongue tie and been thankful I haven’t come across those issues. With that being said, even if you manage to get the physical thing sussed you still […]

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  • time for another?

    image1 (2)

    Time for another? That question. It leaves me with a feeling in the pit of my stomach, not the empty feeling I felt when people used to ask me about the pitter patter of tiny feet before Harry came along. More of an anxious, panic with a little bit anger thrown in. Sometimes I just […]

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  • my little piccolo turn 1!


    Our favourite baby food makers turned one yesterday! To celebrate we made them a cake with the kids and it was rather good if we do say so ourselves. We decided to go for a fruity one from one of our mum’s recipe books, it’s usually a loaf but it can easily be put into […]

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  • Freida


    We have another baby! Little Freida decided it was time to arrive last Wednesday at exactly 39 weeks. Can’t believe it’s been 10 days already and that we have a girl! We didn’t find out what we were having again but I think when you already have a boy it’s hard to imagine having a […]

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  • disney on ice 100 years of magic


    Last night we were lucky enough to be invited along to the opening night of Disney on Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic in Glasgow. Neither of us have seen it before but being huge kids at heart we were really excited. We were brought up watching all of the classics and of course Abel is now […]

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  • gertie the good goose


    Teething. This is a swear word in the world of parenting. It gives me goose bumps. It can turn your adorable, happy, content baby into the devil itself. Just as you begin to think you have things all worked out, it’s over there, laughing at you…. Nora actually started teething pretty early, she first showed […]