swimming lessons with Water Babies #collab

swimming lessons with Water Babies #collab

So this probably isn’t the first thing you expect to read on a review of swimming lessons but… I hate swimming. When I was little I loved it but over time I just gradually lost any enjoyment from it and in recent years have barely went unless Abel has been asking repeatedly. We have been going to Water Babies classes for the last few months though and I’m so surprised at how much my anxiety about being in the water has calmed down and how amazing Freida has been getting on. I’ll explain a bit…

When Water Babies first contacted me to work with them initially I turned it down, it’s not something I’ve ever wanted to do and I wasn’t sure what benefit I could be to their brand as I’m so nervous in water but they managed to convince me to at least give it a go. I’m not sure if it’s the teacher we had in primary school that used to scream at us in swimming lessons (one occasion actually resulted in me having a panic attack…) or the time I got caught in the tide after one of those drinking/mini cruise things on holiday (NOT a good combo!) but I have just never enjoyed being in water after the age of 10 probably.


I do feel bad as it has meant I never took Abel to lessons, just the occasional pool visit but it was more play than swimming. We recently went on holiday and he wouldn’t budge from the baby pool, until the last couple of days but he had armbands, a float vest and a rubber ring!

When I went to the first Water Babies lesson I was nervous but trying to not show it as I didn’t want it to rub off on Freida. We were starting a bit later than everyone else in the class who had done previous chapters but we were made to feel really welcome and our teacher Ashley was quick to help if I wasn’t sure. It definitely wasn’t what I had anticipated. Of course Freida loved every second and as amazing as that was it made me feel a tad guilty I had let me own fears stop Abel having this experience. 



I won’t go on about what happens week to week as I don’t think that is the point in me writing this. I can honestly say now that we have nearly completed our second chapter that I am kicking myself for not doing lessons sooner! 

Freida is already so confident in the water after a few months, comparing this to Abel who is like me, it’s crazy! She can swim to me, goes under water no problem, can climb out the pool with minimal help, is getting the hang of all the techniques and most important of all she has loads of fun. I’m actually enjoying it now too (never thought I would say that lol). The first few weeks I couldn’t shake my nerves which you would have seen me talk about in my instagram stories if you seen them. I let them know how I was feeling and our teacher Ashley gave me a call to talk through what was making me feel that way and to reassure me, it helped so much. Another thing I felt really helped me was that nothing is ever pushed onto you in class, it’s really laid back and about having a good time. 


I hope this run through of my personal experience helps those of you thinking about doing lessons especially if you are a nervous swimmer (I can swim btw ha!). I’m excited to continue the classes and see how Freida progresses as she just seems to be a natural in the water. Definitely going to make an effort to teach Abel too now!

Megan x

So now that I’ve given a little run through of how I’ve found it, here are some answers to the questions I had in response to my posts about Water Babies…

A term of Water Babies is usually between 7 and 10 weeks long, and the cost is between £115.50 and £165 per term.  Payment can be made upfront at the time of booking or spread over the term.

Lessons include a welcome pack containing lots of goodies, a Water Babies journey book to chart progress with stickers, end of term achievement badges, attendance to an end of term underwater photo shoot (prints of images are an additional cost).

Classes are suitable from birth up to school age.

Water Babies teachers are highest qualified teachers in the world and are specially trained in how to read babies/toddlers as well as explaining and demonstrating skills. They make sure the pools are above 30 degrees and classes have a structured lesson plan.

The youngest class focuses on bonding with baby and enjoying the water, swim positions so they are comfortable in the water and “name, ready, go’s” as a preparation for going under the water. They will go onto learn how to float on their backs, blow bubbles, safety skills, building confidence and stamina.

You can find out more on Water Babies or where your closest class is at www.waterbabies.co.uk







[I was not financially compensated for this post. I receive free lessons in exchange for social media posts and this blog feature. The opinions are completely my own and are 100% honest.]

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