20 small changes that can help save the planet

20 small changes that can help save the planet

A lot of us hate change or just like to use what we are familiar with but we all have a responsibility to make better choices and reduce our waste. I find a lot of information out there can make it seem very intimidating or like you have to drastically change your lifestyle but even a few small changes can make a big difference and they are easier than you think. Here are some I’ve done/plan to do that aren’t expensive and take minimal effort…

• stop using plastic straws

• use bars of soap

• check/use local recycling for household waste

• take tupperware to the deli

• get a reusable hot drinks cup

• have a meat free day(s)

• take canvas bags for fruit/veg when food shopping

• have a stash of tote bags in different sizes

• try using shampoo bars (lush ones smell amazing)

• use less cleaning products

• cloth nappies (even having a few to use in the house can save over 100 nappies a year going to landfill)

• moon cups/reusable tampon applicators/washable pads (a change I’ve yet to try eek!)

• check out charity shops for clothes/toys for kids

• don’t but stuff just because the gram told you to

• get a good water bottle rather than buying plastic bottles all the time

• use tote/paper bags for gifts rather than gift bags/wrapping paper

• buy local when you can

• get a silicone “sponge” for dishes (eBay!)

• use the car less

• set a good example for the next generation

And remember it takes all of us doing a little rather than a few of us doing it perfectly!

Megan x

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