2nd time+ mama wish list

2nd time+ mama wish list

First time you have a baby you have a rough idea of what you need but you quickly learn a lot of it just takes up room or is an expensive way to do a simple job, bottle warmers WTF. We certainly did and trying to shift the stuff after can be a mission or people want it for nothing. 

So 2nd (or 3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th…) time round we know (more or less) exactly what we need and more importantly what we really don’t! It can be a tough gig buying for a new parent/baby so maybe this list will help you as a parent to suggest gift ideas or if you are the buyer it’ll give you a little inspiration.

I’ve also made a little list of what possibly not to buy but this is going on my experience and of course you or your lovely parent friend may love these items lol. Enjoy!


Shop vouchers for clothes

I don’t see how this wouldn’t go down well, unless you are made of money most of us mamas will spend 9 months in the same limited wardrobe and it does get a little depressing seeing all these AMAZING clothes in the shops you just can’t wear. Plus when you have a new baby, shopping centres are definitely one of the “safe” places to go so a little retail therapy will probably go down quite well.


Baby essentials

By essentials I mean nappies, wipes, milk, boob pads, these are things we will all need and having a supply is a life saver. Being alone with multiple small people and no nappies ain’t fun. Obviously check what nappies they use, feeding they are doing etc if not sure!



A big box of fruit or if you know what their favourite things are, even making a big pot of something, sticking it in tubs and taking it round for the freezer, it’s something that will most likely be appreciated. 


IKEA vouchers

I love an IKEA rummage and it’s really baby/kid friendly so not too much of a daunting experience. 



AKA parent fuel, I love a herbal tea, yep I’m one of those weird folk who don’t like coffee, I wish I did most days.

baby clothes

Baby clothes in bigger sizes

Unless there is a huge age gap it’s most likely said parent has a stash of new born clothes already, I know I do! So if anyone buys us anything that age it’s most likely going to remain tagged as we literally have so much from Abel and Nora already. There is a point though (usually around 6-9 months when crawling starts) that you hit a “shit no clothes” stage as no one keeps those clothes so definetly buy bigger sizes if you want to buy an outfit or check with said parents to be first. Also remember to think about the weather at that age, we got so many snow suits age 3-6 months for Abel and he was born in December… 


A cleaner

Even I would love this and I am a total clean/tidy freak who hoovers after Mr hoovers. 


Something for the bigger kid(s)

A must I think, it’ll really help the bigger kid not feel left out and probably keep them entertained which in turn will help free up time for baby. 

day out

A day out

Money can be tight with a new born so a voucher toward a trip or day out would certainly be of use and something a bit different.


Photography voucher

If your budget allows then this is such an amazing gift, we got some of Abel when he was teenie and I love them, also when he was a bit older we got a shoot together and although I’m not the greatest lover of getting my picture taken I love that I have those of us together. We got these pictures done at Tamara Studios in Edinburgh!


DIY tokens

Cheap and cheerful, why not make your own tokens for the parents to use, of course this is assuming you are a close and trusted friend or relative lol. Tokens for time to sleep, to come to dishes, to babysit, tidy up, little things like that will come in handy and 2nd time parents won’t be so shy to actually ask. 

My “what not to buy” list

Anything that says “baby boy” or “baby girl” – where will they put it once they are a toddler?

Stuffed toys – unless it is super cute and shelf worthy I’m pretty sure they have enough already, we have a box full in storage…

New born clothes – as mentioned above it’s pretty likely (unless they have said otherwise) that they already have a stash of these – check first.

Toys – babies don’t need toys, either get something for when they are older that won’t take up loads of room or get something useful.

Huge items – again unless specifically requested I wouldn’t get anything too big, they will hold it against you forever lol. 

Megan x

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