a new addition…

a new addition…

Baby number 2 is on the way! Abel is going to be a big brother and I’m so excited to share it with everyone.

It hasn’t been the easiest couple of months, completely different from being pregnant last time! Between hospital stays, feeling sick as hell and having a toddler it has been crazy. 

We had only been trying a few weeks, compared to nearly a year last time we were so surprised! I’ve been off contraception for over a year so that probably helped… It wasn’t always our plan to have another baby at this stage but after a few scares that I might be pregnant earlier in the year and feeling kinda gutted when that negative came up it made me think about it. Also I feel I’m getting so used to having time to myself again, if I leave it any longer it’ll probably never happen! 

The sickness kicked in almost immediately, I didn’t really have it for a while last time so in some respects it was awful but I’m also glad it’s now wore off where as last time it kinda hung around forever. Around 6 weeks I had a lot of pain and had to stay in hospital overnight suddenly which was scary, luckily everything was fine and we got to see the little blob early on. I also have PGP (pelvic girdle pain) again I suspect, I didn’t have it til about 4/5 months last time but it’s come on really quick this time so I’m really sore. The joys! 

We are over the moon though and had our 12 week scan yesterday so baby is due in April! I will be updating on here every so often and trying to re-educate myself, sometimes I think I must be mad but sure we will be fine… I hope haha!

Megan x

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