A week without WiFi: 5 things I learnt

A week without WiFi: 5 things I learnt

It doesn’t seem so long ago that if you asked someone for their WiFi password they would have looked at you as if you had two heads but now, now it’s almost up there with the air we breathe.

This past week I have had no WiFI… first world problems, right? But it has been TOUGH. From keeping Abel entertained when things got a bit too much to running my business I have been surprised how dependent we all are on it. PLUS I am solo parenting at the moment, in fact it stopped working the day after William went to work, typical. Annoyingly it’s near the end of the month for my phone so my data was LOW, annoyingly I used to have unlimited data until they convinced me I didn’t need it…

So here are 5 things I have learnt over the last week about life without the precious, amazing, magical thing that is WiFi.

We are impatient – Remember the days when we would text someone and we had no way of knowing if they had read it? The days before we could watch anything on demand? Or the days before online shopping?! Yep it has been weird getting used to that again but bearable, almost.  

Prepare for business offline – By far the hardest thing has been keeping my business going. From updating social media to emailing customers it has been a nightmare I won’t lie. Luckily the actual products I make don’t really need to internet to complete but I have realised I need to change how much I rely on being online to run things. Simply having a phone number for customers would have saved me so much time.

It takes up far too much of our time  I think we all know this but until it’s gone you don’t quite realise the extent of it. Social media, Netflix, WhatsApp, online shopping, blogging, spotify… all of these things are amazing don’t get me wrong but without them it’s amazing what else you find to occupy your time.

Keep your diary up to date – I love having a diary but I am a bit shit at keeping it up to date but I will be now. Not being able to google phone numbers for places, forgetting the address for someone or when that Facebook event was. My data quickly dwindled over the week so I found myself relying more on actually writing stuff down rather than what I would usually do.

It’s part of everyday life  Again I think we all know this but nearly everything needs the internet now, it’s mad. Even the nursery has started to use an app for the kids so you can track their performance/reward them.

It’s definitely opened my eyes to how it rules our lives almost and has made me want to make a few changes. Don’t worry I’m not turning all preachy about how the internet is ruining us, far from it and I still love spending 5 minutes hiding in the kitchen scrolling Instagram before I lose my shit but I’m definitely going to keep calling people more rather than WhatsApp conversations, seeing people face to face, letting the kids get involved with stuff (even if they take too long and make a mess) rather than relying on Netflix distracting them.

Do you think you could do without it for a while? I honestly never seen myself as an overly phone/tech obsessed person and I have always been quite strict on the kids getting screen time but I have found it really hard so I can only imagine how those who heavily rely on it would find it. For now though I am loving being back in the 21st century and hopefully I don’t need to live in the stone age again anytime soon.

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