an ode to my wee boobs

an ode to my wee boobs

Oh wee boobs of mine… I’ve spent too long wishing you were bigger, trying to make you look bigger, wearing ridiculously uncomfortable bras, changing outfits that were screaming for some cleavage. You are probably now the smallest you have ever been I’ve decided to finally embrace you both in all your tiny glory.

I’ve spent years feeling meh about my boobs, haven’t most of us? But typically big boobs are deemed more attractive, well when they look how they do in the adverts… I’ve seen an increase in woman embracing their bodies which is amazing, fighting back against what box society puts us in.  I have noticed however that I haven’t seen much from people like me, those who are self conscious because they are under weight/small boobed/lacking curves.

We all have body hang ups but again and again it’s pushed that skinny = happy + healthy. My weight definitely doesn’t make me overly happy and I’m certainly not a healthy weight. Regardless, I’m trying hard to be more positive and am slowly trying to gain weight.

It’s always been easy to pick at what I “hate” about my body, why is that?

The fear of seeming vain? Not looking like all those images I see on social media? Worrying someone will take it the wrong way?

I’ve been lucky enough to breastfeed 2 babies with my wee boobs, can wear those tiny lacey bras, sleep comfortably on my front, jump up and down with no bra on (if I so wished) without injury, don’t get under boob sweat and don’t get back/boob pain I’ve been told is awful!

I think a small part of me will always envy those with ample bussoms but I’m too poor and squeamish to do anything about that so I’m gonna rock the fried egg look and think back to the breastfeeding days fondly when I briefly had a “set”.

So to all those who have the same headaches as me, to those who have been confident enough to change their bodies for themselves, to those who may be on the opposite side of the scales but still “get it”, those blessed with big boobies and to those yet to find acceptance with their body… I give you a virtual high five and hope the wave of people feeling that bit better about themselves continues.

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2 thoughts on “an ode to my wee boobs”

  • I HATE my ‘sexy’ big boobs. Under boob rash- standard all through winter, cracks blisters. Sweaty boobs all through summer. Look a bit inappropriate in low cut tops when out with the kids so always trying to cover them up but not be too hot. Boobs are two sizes bigger than my (still big) waist.

    I’ve genuinely considered a reduction but it’s super expensive and I have huge hips too so I guess I’m in proportion but meh…!

  • I hear ya sista. I sometimes look longingly at the curvier ladies who I deem ‘more’ attractive because of their womanly curves. I bf 3 babies and do you know what; life isn’t about how big our boobies are, it’s about how happy our hearts are and mine is ok in that respect. Shout out for the small boobied woman of the world .

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