the bits no one warned me about [guest post]

the bits no one warned me about [guest post]

Hi, my name is Shannen and I’m a first time mumma to a lovely little girl named Poppy. Since I was pregnant I followed @itsthemother_ and when I seen they were looking for guest bloggers I thought I would give it a go. I always find myself thinking “nobody told me about this” and when talking to new mothers it’s always about the parts of new motherhood that take you by surprise. So here goes, I hope these help, warn or just give people an idea of what to expect (everyone might not be the same, these are just my own experiences) and hopefully you won’t find any of these areas as much of a shock as I did. I’ve never blogged before, nor do I have a massive following on Instagram so go easy on me…

5 days old

Baby blues

Before I got pregnant, I had heard the term baby blues but I didn’t have a clue what people were talking about… What do you have to feel blue about on the best day of your life and the days that follow? So, not once did any of my family nor did any health professionals warn me about baby blues. I use the word warned because I WISH I had been warned. My hormones hit me like a tonne of bricks and this is something I struggled with a lot with. I cried all the time, and I don’t mean a small teary few minutes and then I would pull myself together. I couldn’t stop. I felt completely overwhelmed with every emotion you could think of. But it did pass within a few days for me.

Babies first poo

Ok so this is something that others did tell me about. How babies first poo is horrendous and sticky and you’ll spend ages cleaning it bla bla bla. In all honestly it wasn’t that bad. NOBODY warned me about the lovely “poonami”you will experience in the months to come (yes, just imagine a tsunami of poo). My child has had poo in her hair, ears and toes. You will use a whole packet of wipes and you will throw away vests. Forget the first poo, these ones will scar you for life and the little angels always pick the best time, like when you’re about to eat your meal in a restaurant. Oh joy!


I didn’t breast feed, so I only had a few days of engorged boobs whilst my milk came and went. But it was horrendous, so so so sore! I looked like Pamela Anderson and felt like I had two boulders under my top. It was not pretty!

Not feeling yourself

After you have a baby, your life changes in more ways than one. It’s the most amazing thing in the world – and being a mum is just the best. But you do kind of lose a bit of yourself. Firstly you’re always worrying if you’re doing your new job right but for me, how I looked and felt in myself took a massive knocking. You walk past clothes in a shop you know you would look good in… but is that really something a mum would wear? But why should I not be allowed to wear certain things? I’m still me. I swear these thoughts run through my mind every time I attempt to shop for myself. By this point I’m fed up so I will end up in Zara spending that money on Poppy instead of myself.

Feeling lonely

After you’ve given birth, you are completely showered with love from everyone. It’s amazing! The first few weeks (even though sometimes you could do with no visitors) your welcoming guests to meet the new arrival and people are so excited to spend some time with you. My mum and fiancé were lucky to have a couple of weeks off which gave me some extra support. But no one tells you what it’s like when it all stops. When people stop visiting, when family go back to work, when it’s just you and this tiny human you created. It’s quite lonely. I found going to baby classes a great help as it was nice to spend some time with mothers in the same boat as you. It’s all worth it though – you’ve got your little side kick. And when they look right into your eyes and give you a massive smile…. AHH!

Hair loss

Lucy recently posted about this… WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME!! Enjoy the luscious locks and glowy skin whilst it lasts. My fiancés new nick name for me is “balda-mort”.

5 months old

Anyway, I could probably ramble on massively about things that I’ve learned or have been surprised at massively as a new mummy. But in all honestly, whatever happens you will always have something that takes you by surprise (new born sleepless nights – I was told about these and they still knocked me off my feet) and no matter how much you read online or speak to experienced mothers, everyone’s journey into motherhood is different – I’m sure we’ve got plenty of years of surprises to come.

Thanks for reading,

Shannen x

Instagram: @shannengourlay

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