Boobs. Boobies. Breasts. Tits. Whatever, you want to call them, there is only one reason women have them. So why is it that the majority are so shocked and more often than not, disgusted to see a women using them for just that?

Before you roll your eyes and assume this is the preaching of another breastfeeding mother, it is not. I do not breastfeed. I did, but out of my own selfishness I stopped. I quite honestly just couldn’t be arsed with it. The sore boobs, the massive boobs, the leaking boobs, the ugly bra’s.. I stuck it out for about 4 months but I don’t think I ever really enjoyed it. She got the goodness she needed and I was glad we were fully bottlefeeding.

I totally agree that breast is best, our milk is totally made to suit our babies needs. Nothing made in a factory will ever compare to it. My baby had conjunctivitis for around 6 months, the only thing that would clear it was bathing it with my breastmilk. When Nora was a week old she was admitted to hospital with two infected abscesses and if I hadn’t been breastfeeding she would have taken a lot longer to fight off the infection. These are just a couple of reasons why  breastmilk is liquid gold and I think it’s really important that babies get off to the best start they can with their mum’s milk.

Breastfeeding in public is nerve wracking, like I cannot describe to you how nervous I was for feeding in public for the first time and I think this is one of the reasons I gave up. I had in my head it would be met with glares and stares. I just felt like people would think it was obscene or dirty. It was as natural as soothing her to sleep in public, so why did I have in my head that it would it be so unacceptable to many people? Why would people stop what they were doing to comment or stare at me doing something so natural? I did eventually feed in public but never comfortably, I was just too paranoid someone would comment and that anxiety ruined it for me I guess.

Now, after having the experience of breastfeeding I really regret letting my anxiety and laziness take over. The first few months are exhausting, and maybe if I hadn’t been so selfish I would have gotten to enjoy it more (and maybe have appreciated the fact that my boobs never looked better and will never look that good again without spending five grand, good one Lucy). Looking back I miss it so much and wish I had documented it more. I have about 3 pictures of me breastfeeding, I just always felt embarrassed. 

I think a lot of this came from the media and seeing comments to other mothers online. We seem to have got to a place where a picture of Kendall Jenner wandering the street in a vest, no bra and nipple piercing for the world to see is less offensive than Sam Faiers or whoever else posting a pic of them breastfeeding, no boob visible at all. The naivety is unreal and I’d probably be right in assuming that the majority of people commenting don’t even have a bloody vagina. If you are ever looking to round up a group of uneducated assholes, go on a celebrity’s Instagram of them breastfeeding and you’ll be on to an absolute winner.

If you are a mum reading this, whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding, you are bossing it. You will be judged for either. I am just as paranoid now for feeding Nora with a bottle in public than I was whipping out my boob. Someone will always be thinking you could be doing it better. You will probably be judged for most of your choices as a mother but we all know we are doing the best job we can. The sooner you learn to shrug off unwanted comments and just roll your eyes so far back that they fall off your head, the better. I just hope that either way, you get to the point where you can sit in a coffee shop with 10 judgmental grannies near by proudly feeding your baby, no matter how you do it.



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