breakfast inspiration

breakfast inspiration


Chocolate Pancakes A variation of the ever so popular banana pancakes these make a nice but easy change! Just follow the original recipe but chuck in a teaspoon or 2 of cocoa powder when mixing!


Fruit Crumble
See my recipe here, this is super quick to make then you just stick it in the oven so you could make it the night before. Great as a snack or dessert too! I sometimes take this out as part of a packed lunch.


Overnight Oats
You make this the night before so great if you need to be somewhere! For this amount I use 40g oats, 70ml milk and a big tablespoon of Greek/natural yoghurt with some cinnamon. Cover and stick in the fridge overnight. Mix it all up in the morning and serve! I usually heat it up slightly too so it’s not freezing!


Smoothies are great as you can sneak in what your little might not usually eat, they can also be prepared in advance or even frozen! Try adding some veg to lower the sugar levels, yes even at breakfast! I usually give Abel his fruit for the day at breakfast anyway. Pouches are by Nom Nom Kids.


Scrambled Egg and Oatcakes
Oatcakes are a great alternative to bread, we love them in this house! Abel has fun trying to copy me putting stuff on them or he just breaks them up.


Banana Towers
Pretty self explanatory in the picture, I use a nut butter but you could use whatever you like!


French Toast
Or eggy bread as I usually call it! Easy to make and top with different things. Just coat a slice of bread in egg and fry in some butter, I usually sprinkle it with cinnamon too. Top with fruit or whatever takes your fancy!


Toast and Fruit
Ok maybe seems a bit boring and obvious but jazz it up! I am a true believer in making food look good as well as tasting good! It’s amazing the amount of foods I have gotten Abel to eat just by changing how I present it or cut it up. Nut butters are great on toast or some homemade “nutella”!


Banana Oaty Muffins
Using only 4 ingredients that you most likely have these are really quick and a great way to use up ripe bananas. They keep in the fridge for a few days too! Abel loves these, they are great as on the go snacks as well. Find the full recipe here.


One Cup Pancakes
This is my favourite breakfast at the moment! This is a Jamie Oliver recipe which I make minus the salt of course, top with whatever you want! I usually add a little more milk than flour as I don’t like them too heavy. I’ve used homemade “nutella” here with some fruit as toppings.


Apple Flapjack 
Another 4 ingredient recipe! Like the banana muffins these are great for snacks too but make a great breakfast that can be prepared in advance, these freeze really good! Find the full recipe here

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