introducing the Bugaboo Bee⁵

introducing the Bugaboo Bee⁵

We are pretty sure you will have heard already with it being one of the (if not THE) most popular pushchairs out there that the Bugaboo Bee has had a makeover. We have been lucky enough to test out the new Bee⁵ over the last month or so, putting it through it’s paces with the kids, shopping trips, walkabouts and car trips. We are both new to Bugaboo so didn’t really know what to expect!


The first thing we are sure you will want to know is what has actually changed? There have actually been over 100 improvements made to the Bee⁵, a few being…

improved seat design – extra padding so extra comfy.

15 new colours + materials to choose from – important stuff!

extendable seat – when they are Nora’s size the seat pulls out further to avoid their little legs hanging off and when they get bigger it pushes in so they can use the foot rest.

handy extras – hood now has a zipped extension / integrated attachment points for pram accessories / built in pocket for the rain cover (means you wont be caught out!)

changeable wheel caps and leather-look grip handles

improved driving experience – sooo easy to maneuver around.



So what do we think so far? Being 100% honest we both love it! Previously we both had good prams/pushchairs but they were both quite heavy and had to be taken apart to fit into the car. Megan had a small stroller but it was very basic and more for grandparents to use to save moving the big heavy one.

We both drive so the fact it can be folded with the seat still in place is a HUGE plus for us and is making life 10x easier when out and about. You can also fit 2 in one boot, again a great thing for us as we go out a lot together!

Day to day it is perfect, most of our friends have bought the previous model for a holiday/travel but ended up using it as their main pushchair which doesn’t surprise us now! It really does have all the things you would want from an everyday pushchair and as you can get the bassinet, it could do you from birth right through to toddlerhood.



For us the most important things when looking for a good pushchair have to be weight, comfort, storage, functionality and looks. We can safely say the Bee⁵ ticks all these boxes. 

  • weighs less than 10kg 
  • can front or world face, 3 recline positions, padded seat, 5 point harness and foot rest for toddlers
  • decent sized storage under seat with pocket for rain cover – cup holder and tray also available
  • easy to control, most changes can be done one handed, simple to fold
  • lots of colours/patterns to mix and match, changeable wheel caps/leather look handle

The only thing we can think of that it may not suit is if you like to go a lot of off road walks… it’s definitely more suited to city living although it could handle a little terrain if need be.


 So far so good then, we are continuing to test the Bee⁵ out and of course we will  let you know how we get on! As Megan is due anytime now we will be trying out the buggy board and bassinet soon so if you are thinking of getting the Bee⁵ from birth stay tuned!

Megan + Lucy x

For more information and to have a look at all the options/features check out 


[We were not financially compensated for this post. We received a sample to try out and review. The opinions are completely our own and are 100% honest.]

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