bump update – 21 weeks

bump update – 21 weeks

I really meant to write this over a week ago but y’know… life! I can’t believe it’s past half way already, in some ways this pregnancy has really taken it’s time but in others it has flown by – mostly because until now (that I have a bump that is getting in the way) I forgot I was pregnant sometimes (crazy toddler keeping me busy!). 

Things have been pretty good, it’s definitely a lot different to first time round. For one I haven’t bought a thing yet, partly because we did keep a lot and Lucy has basically all Nora’s stuff so we are getting a lot from her too but I do feel kinda bad as at this point last time we had bought Abel so much! We do have the cot built though, Abel was using it as a toddler bed so he now has a big bed and they will be sharing a room which will hopefully be redecorated soon.

Talking of redecorating, it’s probably something quite high on my priority list, I don’t want there to be a mad rush come March/April and I don’t want too many things to change at once for Abel. Here’s hoping it works out how I imagine…

So apart from the practical things I feel like emotionally it’s A LOT different this time too. First time it’s the unknown, you’re a bit naive, it’s a novelty and it is really really exciting! Don’t get me wrong we are so excited BUT we know what is coming this time (more or less) not that this is a bad thing but knowing and remembering how bloody hard those new born days are and having a toddler to think about too is really daunting.

I wanted to talk a bit about the feelings I have been having as I can imagine a lot of mums who are pregnant again may feel this way but don’t really want to say with the fear of coming across like they regret their decision or something. Of course when we planned to have another we thought about all this but with it actually happening and hormones thrown in as well it’s crazy how much I have doubted myself recently and my ability to be a mum of 2. I remember how we barely got by some days first time round and it makes me really nervous for how we will be. Half of me knows I’m just worrying over something that will probably work out fine with the odd bad day but the other half is like “what the fuck are you doing?!”. Hopefully the more organised we get the calmer I get about things, we shall see!

We have started to really think about names too, not that I’m going to reveal any on our list but I forgot how hard it is to think of them! You remember how many people you don’t like lol… We are having another surprise too, neither of us want to find out enough and part of me doesn’t trust them haha. 

With my bump getting bigger clothes are getting a bit of a pain too, maternity jeans/tights are now my best friends although top half is at that awkward “too small for maternity, too big for normal clothes” stage so I’m wearing a lot of baggy stuff. High street maternity can leave a lot to be desired too.

I have 2 more scans to get in the new year and am still seeing my dietitian (read this post) every few weeks which is helping a lot. Hoping I sail through to April, well March, I would like to go a bit early again lol. 

Til the next update!

Megan x

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2 thoughts on “bump update – 21 weeks”

  • Half way! Yay!

    We had our second in July and it has felt a bit easier this time around. The health visitor pointed out that when you have your first your whole life changes but this time around you are already in parent mode and the new baby just slots in with the older child’s schedule.

    So far the hardest things for us are getting out the door without someone crying (or all three of us crying). The thing I miss the most from the first time is the option to just stay in bed all day with a baby. Number 2 is dragged around, woken mid nap, left to cry etc. BUT big sister has nursery every afternoon so I at least have a little bit of one on one time with the baby and try my hardest not to do any chores during those 3 hours.

    You are going to be awesome (you already are) x

  • Aw thank you so much! Such a good way to put it too. I’m kinda dreading trying to get ready and out the house but sure I will manage somehow! Abel starts nursery in January so will get a bit of a routine going come April I hope, thanks so much for the kind words mama. Megan xx

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