bump update – 31 weeks

bump update – 31 weeks

31 weeks

How is it 10 weeks since I last done a bump update on here?! I really felt like this pregnancy was taking it’s time until after Christmas and now it is flying in. So yeah I’m currently 31 weeks, so I could have a baby next month… AHHH! I am so excited though, not only to meet them but to go into labour. A few weeks ago I was a nervous wreck about it. I guess a few things have helped settle my nerves, Abel is sleeping 10000x better and we now have a doula.

One of the biggest things that has happened bump wise recently apart from it getting huge is we now have the amazing Jen from Your Birth Scotland supporting us. I will admit I didn’t really know what a doula was until a few months ago and I wish I did. The difference in how I feel about things is like night and day, mostly just having that person there continuously and being so much more informed. Last time, apart from the midwife I seen at check ups, I never knew anyone! I have no idea who delivered Abel as she went off shift basically straight away, how sad is that. I feel great knowing she will be there not only to support me but to support Mr and free him up to be there for me. Abel loves her too which is an added bonus lol.

I’ve also started to think about the birth more, my last labour went really well which I think contributed to my anxiety this time weirdly. Most times when I have told people how well it went I have been met with comments about how it was my luck or was made to feel like I had it easy or something. So this time I had an awful feeling it was guaranteed to be horrendous because last time was just luck right? Well now I don’t think it was just luck, I fully believe I am more than capable of having a similar experience again. Being more informed this time around has made me think about how much I done last time that would have helped me cope and get through labour without even knowing it. Of course I know that things don’t always get to plan so I am going into this with an open mind but I think having a rough idea of what you want and noting what options you prefer really helps. 


I’m trying my best not to feel fed up as well, not about anything in particular but I feel like I’ve reached that point most of us do where I just feel huge, sore, awkward and like I wear the same things all the time. I felt this way last time too but afterwards missed it so much and I know I will feel that again so I am trying my best to embrace it and see past all that. 

Abel has been really great, he has been through the whole pregnancy really. As I mentioned his sleep has improved sooo much which is helping massively – you can read my blog post about it. He will be sharing a room with baby eventually and we have had the room set up since before Christmas so there wasn’t too much change at once and he has been great through that process too. I think not making the baby such a huge deal and the centre of our attention has helped him, yes we talk about it, of course we do but very casually and we have got him some good books from the library too. He reckons it’ll be a girl, I guess we shall see! He assures me he will help with nappies too lol.

So yeah all is well and hopefully I get time to do another one of these before the birth. I have so much work to do before as well which I think is making it feel so quick! I feel really disorganised too, we have barely bought a thing but I think it’s because we already had so much and I’m thinking about how well we had it sorted last time but of course we didn’t have a 3 year old then. We remember how much crap we didn’t use straight away too so less clutter I guess! Let’s hope things keep going the way they are.

Megan x

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