disney on ice 100 years of magic

disney on ice 100 years of magic

Last night we were lucky enough to be invited along to the opening night of Disney on Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic in Glasgow. Neither of us have seen it before but being huge kids at heart we were really excited. We were brought up watching all of the classics and of course Abel is now at an age where he has his own favourites too. 

We were slightly nervous, we have never had either of the kids at any type of show before, just the cinema really for Abel. Would they sit through it?! Our seats were really good, pretty high up which meant we had a great view of the ice, luckily the goodie bag we got at the meet and greet had some snacks and an Olaf for the kids so this kept them amused while we waiting for it to start!



Image by Mark F Gibson / Gibson Digital www.gibsondigital.co.uk

Abel was so excited when Mickey and Minnie came out but when it came to our turn for the photo he ran off screaming haha, so yeah just Lucy and Nora got in there! 

When the show started their wee faces lit up! The show is hosted by Mickey and Minnie but Goofy and Donald make an appearance along side too! Abel was a bit like “who are they?!” but quickly learnt their names and found it hilarious when they were “falling over”.


We like how there was a mix of the classics included with the newer Pixar films so it appealed to all ages. Lucy had a good old sing song to Beauty and the Beast much to Abel’s delight. There are probably some that you expect to feature or see more of but to be honest they do well to fit as many characters as they do into the time. Our favourites were Frozen (of course), The Lion King, Aladdin, Toy Story (Abel is a huge Buzz & Woody fan), Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. 

Here’s a few snaps we managed to take, we were enjoying it too much to catch all of the performances!!


Finding Nemo

How some of them managed to skate in the costumes is crazy! Even if you hate Disney (which we are sure no one does…) just watching the tricks and skill is amazing.

We have to admit we both actually felt a bit emotional between reliving all the childhood memories of seeing the films we love and seeing the little one’s faces. They both (yes both!!!) sat through the full thing and absolutely loved it. Definitely one of those parent moments where the joy in your kid’s face just makes your day. 

So yeah, whether you are thinking of going or have it booked – you will not be disappointed! We will definitely be back with them again and dragging the Mr’s along. 

For tickets or more information check out www.disneyonice.co.uk


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