day out with the kids #driveindineout

day out with the kids #driveindineout


Kiiiiinda unrelated post but not really as there is food involved (nom!). Today was super fun, we got to try out a Fiat 500x for the day courtesy of Arnold Clark. They are doing a very generous campaign this weekend (9th – 12th September) where anyone who test drives a new or delivery mileage car gets a £25 restaurant choice voucher! So yeah, we got to do a test drive and try out the vouchers so all you lovely people know exactly what it’s all about.


I was really excited about trying out this car as Mr has actually been eyeing them up anyway, we aren’t due a new car til next year *sigh* but he was mega jealous I got one to drive around all day. Surprisingly didn’t feel like a big car even though it kinda is, really easy to get used to and felt really light inside! Also…


You can definitely fit a pram in the boot! This is Lucy’s pram which for some reason is so hard to fit in a car, I usually need to remove the wheels for it to fit in ours but it was fine in this, I feel optimum boot space is a mega selling point with kids in tow so thought it worth mentioning!

Abel had a great time when we picked the car up, of course he had to try out every car in the show room as well as eat their biscuits so he was a happy chappy. We decided to head through to Silverburn as a few of the restaurants that the voucher is for are there plus the weather was pants… 


I love the choice of where you can use the voucher… 

Nando’sPizza ExpressJamie’s ItalianYo! SushiZizzi’sCafé RougeAsk ItalianThe Real Greek and The Handmade Burger Co.

A lot better than some offers you see with the same old places, I was especially excited that Jamie’s Italian is included but the only ones near us don’t have parking (boo!). So we tried out Zizzi’s, neither of us had been but it was really good, loved the kids menu too. We got all the bread to nibble for starters then I tried out a pizza as did Abel (he got to put his own toppings on!) and Lucy had the ravioli. Nora chowed down on some banana pancakes Lucy brought. Abel fell asleep half way through the meal bless him, he’s not been well so ended up in Nora’s pram while we carried her…




After that we headed back in the direction of home, we had hoped to go to the park but as I mentioned the weather was a bit rubbish, so we went to look at the farms – Abel’s favourite thing whilst in the car. Later on Mr got a shot of being passenger and we eventually managed to visit the park!


Was a really good day and was great trying somewhere new to eat with the kids, if you are thinking of getting a new car then go this weekend! If you want more info then check out for all the details. I hope to hear from some of you who use the vouchers in the future! Here are some more pics from our day out…








img-20160906-wa0033  img-20160906-wa0035   







[This is a sponsored post therefore we were financially compensated for this post and received a voucher to use. The opinions are completely our own and are 100% honest.]

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