Okay so, I am a self confessed IG addict! I buy shit, or go places, or whatever just for IG but in this day and age, we are all a bit guilty of it! Here is my list of pointless (some not so pointless) crap I have bought purely for instragramable purposes over the last few months…


That embroidered zara blouse



Eames table and chairs for the kitchen

About 29 coffees and cakes last year [would have saved me lbs not just ££ also]

19190960_10209271066109377_904064442_n 19198278_10209271063029300_1966818342_n

That hobbycraft tipi


£20 a roll wallpaper for Nora’s nursery [it’s still super cute though and I love it]


A lightbox [Nora ate half the fucking letters anyway]


Mustard yellow curtains

About 7 Katie Loxton clutches


Fake plants from Ikea [v IG worthy]


A tula [well actually my dad bought this, sorry Gary]

The book with no pictures [biggest disappointment since High School Musical 3]

Lush bath bombs [why on earth do babies need bathbombs???]


About 50 bunches of flowers [to be fair to myself, I bloody love flowers]


That pineapple a few weeks back


Method cleaning shit [grateful for this one though cos I bloody love cleaning now]


Jam jar cups, they’re a bitch to hold 

The unmumsy mum [ok I’m glad I bought this but I’ve never read a fucking book in my life]

About 5 tanks of petrol to drive places to take bloody pictures [admit it, we’ve all done that]

Baby moccs, twenty quid and she refused to wear them fs

A juicer [pics of green shakes make me feel like my life is in order]


Pancakes when I’ve been out for breakfast [sometimes you just need a fry up but ain’t nothing IG worthy about bean juice overflowing your plate]


Mama & Dada bracelets

Avocado [I don’t even like it but #basic]

Starbucks coffee [Coffee makes me shit my pants basically but yea, anything for a cute pic obviously]19206300_10209271064829345_873672354_n


I’m sure the list will grow and grow and grow but you know what, I don’t mind!! I feel like now if i’m out, or even in the house, I actually see things now and I enjoy taking pictures. I appreciate things for what they are a little more. So yeah, embrace your #instasplurges. No shame over here!

Lucy x             

1 thought on “#instasplurge”

  • Or… recreating something that happened because you get ‘I didn’t take a photo for insta’ remorse…

    … not just me I hope 🙈

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