kitchen cards!

kitchen cards!

I’m a very visual person (well I do draw for a living lol) so I like to have notes and recipes I might have found in my kitchen to see when I need them instead of scrawling through my phone for them all the time. I made these a while back for when I had meet ups to hand out and thought it was about time I shared them with you all as they may be helpful, I have them taped on the inside on my kitchen cupboard. Of course these are just ideas from myself so don’t feel like you must stick to what I say but it’s a starting point for anyone new to spices or putting together combos for smoothies/purees. Let me know what you think via social media! I have a lot more recipe cards and meal plans I have done in the past as well so if these go down well I can work on sharing those on here too.

[You can either save these to your phone or if you are on a PC right click and save then you can print them out]

herbs-spices puree-smoothie-combos

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