mama christmas wishlist

mama christmas wishlist

With the festive season fast approaching I thought I would put together a quick little list of present ideas for us mamas. Whether she be your better half, friend, daughter, sister, work wife then this may give you some inspiration on what to get her that she will actually appreciate!

Megan x


A Night Away
This is something we tend to get each other a lot as a gift. For the partner who has everything or is insistent they don’t want anything, getting away just the 2 of you can do the world of good even if you do end up getting a takeaway and catching up on some Zzz. Our favourite place is citizenM.


Who is guilty of having 1408549683 pictures of their child alone or with someone else but not with themselves… I definitely am! I’m so glad I have pictures of me and Abel from a shoot to treasure forever and can imagine any mama would love it too. This shoot was with the amazing Tamara Studios.


Luxury Candles
I think we all have a few of those £1 IKEA candles but there is something reeeeallly satisfying about a good candle, even if it’s just for decoration. I love these Daisy Blue candles, made in Scotland too!


I am a total diary weirdo, I must write everything in it or I WILL forget! With most mamas suffering from baby brain I am sure most would appreciate it. This beaut (which I actually have for 2016) is from Paperchase.

Picture by @theedinburghmum

With phones being our main cameras it’s rare to see an actual photograph these days. It scares me to think of all the pictures of Abel I have probably lost or forgot where I saved them… so yeah raid that mamas instagram and get them some printed!



I love a pair of slippers, I spied this pair in Next and someone better buy me them.


I love eating out so if anyone got me a voucher or a surprise booking for one of my favourite restaurants I would be very happy indeed. 


Need I say more? 


Cafe voucher
May sound a bit boring but we have given them as part of a little hamper before and I can imagine they do come in handy on a rainy day especially if your stuck at home with the little one. Cake always makes things better! 



Tattoo voucher
Obviously this isn’t going to appeal to eeeevveryone but if the mama in question is partial to a tattoo then why not?! I would love it, they are so bloody expensive after all. 


Shop voucher
This may be the standard emergency last minute gift to most of us but I know most of my mama friends would love it as we tend to spend most of our cash on our little ones and forget ourselves. Check out independent shops too!

Pictures by @sarah_louise_ferg & @ccaryschapman

You can subscribe to so much these days so if you are super stuck there is probably something you can get. Their favourite magazine, flowers, WINE!!!, cake… the list goes on and on. 


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