“mama to bee” baby shower

“mama to bee” baby shower

On Sunday past we had a baby shower for my sister Lucy who is due early March, I’ve been organising this since November and it came together pretty well considering I didn’t have a huge budget and was doing it on my own more or less! I thought it would be nice to share the details of the day as it was a really good theme and everyone had a fab time.



We went with a “mama to bee” theme, she doesn’t know what she is having and our mum is obsessed with bees so it seemed appropriate. We had the shower at our parents house, its bigger and we could decorate how we wanted, a lot of venues limit decorations and people feel obliged to buy drinks and keep the noise down, not what we wanted! 



The shower started at 1pm, we had drinks on arrival, prosecco or fruit spritzers (for the drivers). We also had a small buffet, because it was after lunch we didn’t do much hot food which worked it our favour too as we could do a lot the day before. My mum baked scones, half regular fruit and half treacle (YUM!). We also had sandwiches made (the dad to bee’s mum does catering), dipping things, brocolli salad, cakes and even bumble bee donuts!




As for decorations I made a lot myself, my sister ended up helping too! We done the usual balloons, I made little bees for the table using polystyrene “eggs” for Easter, also got some paper decorations from a party shop and made banners. 


Games… we had pin the sperm on the egg, baby food guessing game and decoration nappies. All went down fab, we didn’t do prizes but it was still competitive! The baby food one was disgusting, god those jars are horrible! The nappy one was just writing messages on nappies for when they are doing late night nappy changes, might cheer them up a little lol.




So yeah it was a great afternoon, everyone seemed to have a great time! We done little favours for everyone and of course the mama to bee got some beautiful gifts for her and baby, one thing we done was ask everyone to bring a book instead of a card so baby now has the start of a book collection for story time.


All in all I would say I done pretty good considering what little time I had to spend on things and not having a lot to spend, we just got a nice cake from M&S, I also made the invitations myself! Any questions just ask, hope this gives some inspiration! x

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