my new mama wishlist

my new mama wishlist

If there is one thing I learnt in those first few weeks of motherhood, it’s that you will do and try anything to soothe your babe. I am in no way claiming to know it all, but after months of hell we finally seem to have a content baby (probably just gone & jinxed it, damn…) We were beginning to wonder where the hell we were going wrong.. Nora was very hard to please (takes after her mother), this was making the first few nights exhausting both physically & mentally. We will never get it spot on, babies will still be babies however I think certain routines & comforts definitely make life that little bit easier. Here’s a sort of ‘checklist’ of things I wish I had from day one as they have been life savers since we introduced them…

SnuzPod Bedside Crib

We started off with your standard moses basket, it does the job but not being able to see or comfort Nora without getting out of bed was inconvenient especially when you constantly convince yourself they have not took a breath or moved for over 5 minutes. It just did not suit us, a friend was kind enough to loan us her Snuz Pod and we have never looked back. I loved being able to comfort/feed her from bed and I think it helped keep her more settled than me getting up and moving around. We would definitely be investing in our own next time around!



Sleepyhead of Sweden

Ahhh the sleepyhead, I love it. It gave me such reassurance at night that she wasn’t going to roll over and come to harm (not sure what harm I was concerned she would meet but hey ho) and was great for when she was staying with family or snoozing downstairs. It fitted perfectly in the SnuzPod, she slept nice & snug. I wish they made a sleepyhead for mama’s!

Kokoso Coconut Oil

This stuff is amazing, it is a tub full of amazingness. It has kept Nora’s skin new born soft and it smells so fresh. It worked wonders for her cradle cap, literally after one soak with kokoso overnight and by morning it just brushed right off! Whats even better is that it keeps my hands nice and soft, I used to be a hand moisturising addict but since motherhood I have definitely neglected that so we get two jobs done whilst moisturising her. She loves me putting it on too!



Natursutten Pacifier

This thing is my best friend, seriously, my bestest friend ever. I love that it is all as one, no potential choking hazards etc.. Nora seems to love how it sits under her nose, it was a massive comfort for her when we stopped breastfeeding too. It is made from pure natural rubber which makes them extra soft, I love how hygienic they are – they are made from one piece of rubber so no joints or cracks for bacteria to harbour. After trying many dummy’s, this one was the winner.



Ewan the Dream Sheep

In the first few weeks this was a big comfort for Nora, the heartbeat and womb sound would send her to sleep or comfort her at least. Even better, once she had eventually settled it helped myself & her daddy drift off too! Abel, who is now 2 ½, loves his too! They are a great comfort from birth onwards.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

Although I mainly breastfed for the first few months, when we did give a bottle, this was a life saver. It just cut out the hassle of actually making a bottle – anything that takes more than 2 minutes is too much effort in those early days, and this had a bottle ready to serve in minutes (however we had a very fussy baby who liked the bottle hotter than this served so we had to boil the kettle regardless!!) It’s definitely my best friend at 4am.


Asda’s own range bottles

I feel like we tried every bottle there was – Nuk, Tommee Tippee, Dr Browns… she would take none, nothing other than boob and it was a demand I couldn’t keep up with. We decided to give Asda a go, at £3 a pack why not… She loved them, and still does! The cheaper the bottle the better, Boots, Tesco… She takes them great! Now I know a lot of bottles come with an ‘anti colic’ vent etc but we have never had bother with this despite using cheap bottles. If only we had known this before spending a fortune…

‘Sleepy Sounds’ App

This is my ‘go to’ thing when I’m trying to get ready & it’s just me & Nora. She loves noise-  hair dryer, traffic, crowds, tumble dryer, so this app really works for her. There is a quick setting to replay your last used sound to save you flicking through, you can pick the duration for it to play, and many sounds to choose from. I never believed white noise would actually work but I was certainly proved wrong!

Aden & Anais Swaddles

As far as swaddles go, these are definitely my favourites! They are a great size but the main reason is probably for the amazing range and cute patterns these come in (very Instagram worthy haha). We have had a lot of comments on how cute they all are! We used them not only as a swaddle but a cover for her sleepy head, the mattress in her carry cot etc.. They keep her cosy but they are not too heavy at the same time. For me, they are a must have for any newborn!



Medela Swing Breast Pump

I have only tried this one breast pump so I am completely biased here, I thought this was great. So quick & so easy! The attachable bags were so handy for popping straight in the freezer. It was also so easy to take out & about if we were without baby. It is slightly pricey, but well worth the money.


Arnica Tablets

So if you are like myself and unlucky enough to tear during childbirth, these are great. They helped with the bruising & definitely sped up my recovery ever so slightly. They tasted amazing as well, I actually looked forward to having one (oh the exciting life of a new mum…) Basically, after a few days I was eventually able to sit down, walk upstairs rather than crawl and also pee without my boyfriend thinking I was being murdered.


The first few months will always be the hardest, between not feeling yourself, being sore from labour, and suddenly having someone else to put 100% before yourself, it will take a lot of getting used to. I think now, after 8 months, we finally have a good routine & set up. Along with all the above, lots of cuddles and a hell of a lot of wine, I have survived thus far.. There was A LOT of trial & error, but that’s what it’s all about. What works for one will half the time, not work for another, after all we are all just winging it.

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Lucy x

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