Potty Training: My 5 Essentials

Potty Training: My 5 Essentials

Approaching potty training? I found it to be the hardest parenting hurdle yet. SO much advice, SO many products, SO much pressure! Here is what I found most helpful along with a gentle approach and no books to go on. I’ll be using all of these are a starting point when it comes to potty training round 2 as well. What would you add to your list?

IKEA potty

What potty to get? Probably one of the first questions you will have and yes they all do the job but I highly recommend the IKEA one for a few reasons… The potty lifts out which makes it easier to empty/clean. The height is good, some I found so low and uncomfortable looking where as this is still comfortable for Abel and he is 4. The price, you really can’t grudge paying £6 for it.




I think it can be easy to worry especially when some kids train so early but they are all different. You read all these pinterest posts about training in a few days and if that works for you, great! But if you have the time it really does pay off to let them lead you and trust they will get there. Abel started training when he turned 2 and wasn’t fully trained til a couple of months before his 3rd birthday. 

Pottette plus

So you have nailed the potty indoors but what about outside?! So many people had told me to just take the potty out, as much as I love the IKEA one it is NOT small. The first few times I took him out I just trusted he would tell me and I kept asking every 15/20 minutes but I think the thought of not having the potty really freaked him out. The pottette fits in my bag no problem and can fit over a toilet or can be a portable potty with liners although I’ve only used it that way once or twice. It was a game changer for us.



Cotton mattress protector

So next step is night time. Before I go on it’s important to know this cannot really be “trained”, it’s hormonal and can take some kids til the age of 6/7 to be dry through the night. We were really surprised that Abel was dry for about 2 weeks when he was about 3 1/2 so we decided to try without pull ups. We have only had 1 or 2 accidents since BUT a mattress protector is a must as you never know. We started using the sticky ones but even if they don’t have an accident they get all crumpled up and are just annoying/noisy. We were lucky enough to be sent this organic cotton protector from Little Green Sheep and it is amazing. It fits the whole mattress so well with corner straps rather than being like a fitted sheet and the quality is great. We haven’t had an accident to give feedback on specifically but we have had 2 lovely juice spillages and it done it’s job perfectly saving us from a very soggy mattress! I wish I had just invested in one of these from the start as we have gone through so many disposable ones and a cheaper version of a washable one which just didn’t last long. 



An incentive

Everyone has their own way but for us having a way for him to see how well he was doing really helped. We decided to use stickers which he then stuck all over the potty (the white bit of course), he would get so excited about decorating it and in time it really encouraged him to use it. 

Megan x


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