the dreaded potty training

the dreaded potty training

Potty training… this was probably my most dreaded step with Abel, I was SO nervous and had no idea where to start. Looking back I don’t really know how we done it, we kinda just let him do it which I think was the best way. We have had a potty lying around since he was about 1 1/2 I would say, back then he would mostly play with it, sitting his toys in it or wearing it as a hat but it got him used to it being around. When he got nearer 2 I started to tell him what it was for and at points I did worry that I should be pushing him to use it but it just didn’t happen. Nearer 2 1/2 he started to show signs that he was ready, he was pulling his nappies off, telling us when he had gone and as yuck as it sounds he found it fun to put his poops in the loo and flush them. 

We started off just letting him be nappy free and encouraging him to go onto the potty or if he had an accident (there were many to begin with) we would say it was OK and remind him where pees/poos went. Within a week or so he was getting on really well, we used stickers as an incentive – his potty is now covered in them lol. We let this continue for a month or 2 then we got him some proper pants. When we put these on him again he would have accidents as he got used to pulling them down and actually wearing something that wasn’t a nappy. This took another while to get the hang of. 

I was most anxious about going out. How the hell do you get them to the loo in time?! First time we tried it I ended up in the Poundland staff loo totally stripping him and carrying him back to the car as his shoes were soaked. So that was that for a while. I ended up asking on instagram for tips and a few people recommended a Potette Plus. I must admit this was a total game changer for us. It basically goes onto a toilet seat so it’s small enough for them to sit on or can be a little potty with a liner but it’s so small it fits in your bag really easily. It made Abel feel like he still had the potty there and meant we could run to any loo and he could use it without my hanging him over it.  

He has been fully potty trained since October now and although he still has the odd accident I’m so glad we took it slow and waited til he was ready. I think the hardest bit is definitely going from in the house training to out and about, I recently discovered Zoocchini training pants and honestly think they would have made that transition 10x easier and less stressful for both of us. We got the opportunity to try them out but since we had already been through that step with Abel our friend Nicole tried them out and this is what she thought…

“I’m not really sure how long it took us to potty train Murryn but it has been a pretty gradual process. I read a few posts like “how to potty train in 3 minutes” (okay, slight over exaggeration , maybe it was 3 days) and they just weren’t for me. I was told potty training was going to be so stressful and putting a set time on it stressed me out even more! Surely Murryn would train when she wanted and not when I wanted her to? A few family members had said she should be potty trained by two, so when she was around 20 months I bought a potty from home bargains and thought I’d see how she got on. She was terrified, refused point blank to sit on it and I shat myself (not literally), I thought to myself that she would be in nappies FOREVER! so I threw the potty out and left it a couple of months. A while after her second birthday (November) she started telling us when she was going in her nappy so I bought another potty from IKEA and it is honestly the best potty ever, it’s a perfect height and the bit that they pee/poo in comes out easily for you to flush down the loo. I put it in the bathroom and didn’t mention it to Murryn, I let her ask me so I told her what it was for. Then a week or so later, she was just out the bath, running around naked (usual) and she told us she needed to pee so I asked if she wanted to go on the potty and she said yes!! We always told her she was clever but never made a big massive fuss about her going, she did however tell me I was a clever girl after every pee and offered to wipe my “bun and bagina”. For a few months after she used the potty/toilet in the house, if we were going out I’d put a nappy on her just because it was easier, especially with having a newborn, the thought of being out at the park or shops and Murryn having an accident and Rowyn needing fed just made me feel so anxious and too stressed. She was getting on amazingly in the house and only ever had a few accidents so I didn’t want to ruin it . Around February time I thought I’d try her out the house with pants on to see how we got on and luckily Megan asked us to try out a pair of nappy pants from Zoocchini which are a lot thicker than regular pants so made me feel more comfortable trying it. I set a timer on my phone for every half an hour (I read this on some potty training blog post) and took her to the toilet and sat her on it and she ended up having an accident shortly after(luckily the pee didn’t get very far because the nappy pants done their job). She was so used to going when she needed in the house without being told to so I decided this wasn’t the way for us. We continued to put Murryn in pants around the house and in the garden everyday and she never had any more accidents. And just over a week ago I decided to try out the house again with the potty training pants(just incase). It was a very last minute decision so ended up getting her to sit on a carrier bag while in her car seat (lol) but luckily she was totally fine, she asked when she needed to go and there were no accidents and we’ve been nappy free every since (except at night time). I think I’ll try it the same way when Rowyn is ready to potty train, take it really easy and put no pressure on her (or myself) and I’ll definitely be keeping the potty training pants for her to use when we first venture out the house without a nappy.”



Megan x

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