Skincare The Hard Way

Skincare The Hard Way

Skincare isn’t something I’d ever considered important as a teen. I’d get away with using baby wipes as makeup remover, scented products galore and cheap moisturiser for the dry bits. It wasn’t until a year ago, when I was diagnosed with dermatitis, that skincare became my top priority.

I’d consider myself lucky actually. My dermatitis effects every part of my body except my face. It starts as blisters and turns into scars ( I only use dermatologically tested and approved creams, ointments and lotions on my skin to prevent further damage and irritation) BUT this post isn’t about my suffering. It’s about my realisation when I started using top skincare brand products!

Last month I was sent 4 products to try from Dermalogica. If you’re not familiar with the brand you should definitely check them out!

This is the first step of the skincare routine – the Precleanse Balm. This has mixed reviews and as my skin is dry/sensitive I thought this would be great as the balm turns to an oil when massaged into the skin. NOOOOOOPE not for me. This made my skin break out like mad. I NEVER get spots and when I do it’s always due to bad diet or excess oils. I tried to give this product a chance and you should too. However it’s a no from me.. I’d rate this 3/10 just because it made my skin feel soft and smooth.

Product number 2 – the Special Cleansing Gel. This product feels light on the face and is pretty much like a face wash. I liked this product a lot and will continue using it as it made my skin feel clearer, fresher and did not irritate my skin in the slightest! 8/10 would recommend.

My favourite product next! This is the AgeSmart Daily Superfoliant. I was nervous to try this as they recommend sensitive skin types to use this every other day rather than daily. This comes out as a powder and when applied to very wet hands it turns to a paste. This is to be massaged into the skin and gently exfoliates which I love! This cause no irritation to my skin whatsoever and made my skin feel brand new. 10/10 would recommend to everyone and anyone!

The last product I was sent by Dermalogica was the Skin Smoothing Cream – pretty much just a moisturiser. This moisturiser is one of the top rated products by the brand. I found this moisturiser medium weight, good for both morning and night and it did not feel oily in the slightest! 9/10 would recommend. I would consider buying this however I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to part with my Liz Earle – Skin Repair.

I’m very lucky to have been sent these products as they are more expensive than your drugstore brands.. PLEASE do not let that phase you! Your skin is your skin for the rest of your life. Look after it. Nourish it. Love it. You do not want to have to learn skincare the hard way.

Rebecca-Louise x 

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