sleep or lack of… (with Ollie the owl)

sleep or lack of… (with Ollie the owl)

It’s been just over 4 months with 2 kids now, it has went SO quick. I’ve definitely savoured those little moments more this time, I think because you realise 2nd time round how fast those early days go you do try harder to just be in the moment even if you are shattered. One of the biggest things I was worried about was how I was going to cope with a baby and 3 year old on minimum sleep. I remember being an absolute zombie with Abel, having to cancel plans because I was too tired to drive and feeling drunk almost… not a good feeling!


So yeah… these 2 have been HARD work but it’s been nowhere near as bad as I imagined, sleep included. I’ve just done 8 weeks solo as well and I can’t quite believe I got through it so smoothly! I think being more laid back this time round has played a huge part in how I’ve coped but as with anything a few extras have made life that bit easier too.


How was she ever this tiny?!?!?! Seriously I know everyone says it but how do they grow so bloody quick?! I guess because I see her everyday I don’t notice until times like this and I look through all the pictures I’ve taken. In the early days she did sleep quite a lot which was amazing but we knew that would most likely change (which it did of course).

Between trapped wind, wanting to only sleep on me, not taking a dummy, wanting boob 24/7 some days and general baby behaviour some days/nights were exhausting. Also as Abel doesn’t nap anymore unless it’s in the car or he is absolutely done in the chance of us getting a nap were zero. 

As I mentioned, a few things helped and I wanted to share them. We got to try out the new Ollie the Owl from Gro which has been fab, I will admit though that Freida (the intended user) has only had it a handful of times as Abel has not wanted to sleep without it! It has a cry sensor which I love and it is a lot easier to control than other similar things we have had in the past. Hoping that Abel lets Freida use it soon but I won’t hold my breath, it’s helping though as I can hear him putting it on to go to bed!


Co sleeping has helped too, Freida tends to sleep OK in her own bed til about 4am then just doesn’t settle again so rather than battle I just let her sleep in with us (safely of course) for a few hours, luckily we have a king size bed!

Abel still loves his 6am rises so I have been doing the shameful thing of sticking the TV on for him and going back to bed, he doens’t seem to mind though lol and it saves me from near passing out at 2pm!

Getting out the house ASAP is a life saver some days, even if I look like shit it beats sitting in the house with a hyper 3 year old and a pile of dishes.

We moved Abel’s bedtime forward in time for Freida arriving so instead of it being near 9pm he goes at 7pm so I try to get at least one “early night” where there is a chance of catching up on some Zzz’s but as always that is wishful thinking lol.

What are your best tips for coping with lack of sleep? 

Here are some more cute sleepy pictures from the last few months just because…

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[We were not financially compensated for this post. We received a sample to try out and review. The opinions are completely our own and are 100% honest.]

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