The Only Girl in the House

The Only Girl in the House

I am wholly outnumbered in my own home. It is an entirely unfair 4-1 divide of the sexes. There is my partner Colin, my two sons Ruairidh and Harrison and even our pet rat Remy is a boy. Yes there are times where I would sell a kidney to hear less toilet humour or just to go one whole day without seeing a willy! On the whole however, I love being the only girl.

As the only female in the house I actually get to have sole title of both Queen and Princess, my boys spoil me! Whether that is Colin treating me to flowers after a hard day or just the boys with masses of cuddles, I have it pretty damn good. There is no future worry (well not overly) about clothes and make up stealing so unless either of them takes an interest, my expensive make up is safe.

There will always be a supply of razors to pinch and comfy sports socks galore. The fridge is always jam packed with food, yes they eat me out of house and home, but it also ensures there is always good snackage to be had. Their favourite movies usually feature some kind of muscle bound hunk of a superhero which isn’t too much of a struggle for me to sit and enjoy.

I find little boys are open and honest and just so damn full of affection. Not that girls aren’t, I just wouldn’t know. My two love a snuggle up, like to play with my hair and also run & hug me so hard it’s like being hit by a train. That mixture of rough and tumble and pure love is just incredible to me.

Next time someone suggests I should be trying for a third in order to add a girl to our gang, instead of my usual ‘oh no two is enough’ I think I will be more honest and tell them I wouldn’t want a girl. I love being the only girl in our house!

Katie x

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