time for change

time for change

Well, as you have probably gathered Bramble Bites is no more… I’ve wanted to change my blog for a while but had no idea what to call it, if people would like a change or if I would miss my old blog. I guess I just felt like I had outgrown it in a way… I set up Bramble Bites when I was weaning Abel and as he has grown I feel like we have changed so much from what it was originally all about. So I took my time about it and after Lucy saying she fancied a go at blogging it seemed perfect to blog together. 


I do worry people won’t like the new blog but to be honest I do this because I enjoy it not for followers or to be liked so I’m hoping those of you who have followed me for a while will still enjoy it! We will still post recipes but I feel I have a lot more to write about and with Lucy being a new mum I think it’ll be great to have a mix of posts on here from the both of us at different stages of motherhood.

The name… well I actually had it in a dream! I think I was overthinking it too much and obviously had a dream about a new blog and this was the name so I went with it, weird I know. 

So yeah, I’m still here, just a change of name and a sister added on! If you want to follow me personally then I’m @megporterr on instagram, Lucy is @llucy9. Feel free to say hi!

Megan x

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