toddler bedroom

toddler bedroom

So after my last non food post going down so well I thought I would continue to do them now and again. We recently moved house so I wanted to share some pictures of Abels new bedroom. It was so exciting to start from scratch again as his last bedroom was done very gender neutral. Now, I looove the trendy monochrome/minimalist style as much as the next mid 20 something mama but I feel I would be doing that more for me than what he would really appreciate. We done his old room all white with a touch of rainbow throughout and it suited a baby perfectly but now he is a crazy toddler who loves trains and animals I wanted to make it fun for him while still fitting in with the rest of our flat and remaining toddler proof.

 We still have some things to finish but I am pretty sure he loves it. We went with a transport theme with lots of colour which was great as we could keep items we had from his baby room. With my other half working at sea we already had a lot of nautical items so they fitted in perfectly. We done all the walls the same colour we have throughout the flat apart from one which is a sky blue colour. I still have some clouds to paint above the shelves on the blue wall which I will get round to eventually. I want to get a rug for him too but not sure if I want a green “grass” one to fit in with the sky wall or something different… At the moment we just have a little fluffy rug that used to sit on the back of a lovely white wicker chair I had in his old room but it got damaged whilst being brought here… my dad didn’t strap it down and it flew off the back of a pick up, RIP chair. He is getting a new brightly coloured chair where he can sit to read for his Christmas, I’m stuck between orange or green… he just has his bean bag for now.


As you can probably tell I am an IKEA nut, I love the place. Our cot and drawers are from Mamas & Papas although he has a white IKEA wardrobe that was only £39 that fits in perfectly! Being a total neat freak I have always found it hard to deal with mess, as he gets older I am learning to relax with it as it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep a tidy house 24/7 with a toddler. Anything storage related I love so I use cute coloured baskets and boxes for his books or toys, he actually likes to tidy up too (for now) so will put stuff back 9 times out of 10 – definitely my child. 


As he gets older I will let him choose what he wants his room to be like, I remember how excited me and my sister used to get at the thought of getting our room done how we wanted it and I want that for him too. 


If you want to know where anything in particular is from just ask, a lot is of course IKEA but there is some TK MAXX and random finds in there too. 

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