Water Babies update! #collab

Water Babies update! #collab

[Disclaimer: lessons are gifted in exchange for content]

I thought I would give a little update on how we are getting on with our swimming lessons at Water Babies! I done a post back in January after our first few months which mostly went into how I went from absolutely hating swimming to actually enjoying our weekly lesson, something I never thought I would be able to do, pop over and give it a read!

So back to now… we are currently in chapter 7 so for us this is our 4th block of lessons. Freida is still loving it, it is honestly so amazing/funny/weird to see how much she enjoys it. She gets so excited when I tell her we are going and she’s doing so well in all the little techniques they get taught.

The main thing that gave me the fear a little with swimming is anything underwater. If I go under I need to hold my nose and I just generally feel terrified so the thought of Freida doing it really made me feel anxious. I wanted to go over this in this post as I know it’ll be something a lot of parents thinking about starting lessons will wonder about.

First of all it’s never forced upon you which was a huge relief for me, at our first lesson in fact our teacher said for us to not do it and just watch everyone else when it came to it, to just focus on having fun and us both getting familiar with things. In time of course when we felt Freida was calm enough and comfortable we gave it a go and much to my delight she came up all smiles and happy as Larry.

Fast forward a bit and she can now easily go under without hesitation and even swim a really short distance with some help at times! She knows the phrases we use which lets her know she will be going under and a few times when we have been in the pool outwith our lessons and she’s went under unintentionally she’s totally cool as a cucumber and either finds her feet or I catch her. It’s really reassuring to see how calm she is in the water especially for someone who hasn’t had a great relationship with it for so long.


I’m excited to see how she progresses with swimming in the future, now to see if I can get Abel to give it a go!

[I was not financially compensated for this post. We receive free lessons in exchange for content. The opinions are completely my own and are 100% honest.]

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