why no-one else can do what you do

why no-one else can do what you do

A guest post by Jen at Mamafurfur

Mothers – this internet world is filled with many messages all fighting for your attention, and sometimes the wrong ones shout the loudest.  But I want this message to be a small voice above it all from one mother to another.

I want you to know that you are doing a great job that no one else could do for your family. No one in this entire world can do what you do for your family.

You are doing a great and wonderous job that requires you to balance the many roles that a modern mother has to, and not because you are expected to but because actually you want to be wonderful at these things too.  You want to be the best mother to your children, and you are. Believe me.

You are captain of that family ship that makes sure everyone is happy, well-fed, watered, slept, schooled, healthy, entertained and trying to knock it back on course so that it is heading in all the best directions for further adventures together.

There is nothing more powerful in this world than the role of a mother, without question. I’m just as big a fan of all that fathers can bring – but the role of mother is unique and special. Even science has backed this up with telling us the chemicals during pregnancy, birth and feeding a baby are not created anywhere else in your human life.

We often carry the weigh of the world on our shoulders without anyone noticing.  We are shaping the future generation on how they will view the world and what they will deem to be important to them.  We are teaching them with each mealtime, each story time, each play time, each bathtime, what truly matters and that they can be anything they want to be in this world.

There will be many days you are truly exhausted with the weight of this role in life. But you also know that the joy is unmeasurable and nothing else you have ever experienced in life when your children are healthy and happy. You know your family like the back of your hand, like no one else would know the details you know about exactly the right way to place the fish fingers or peas on the plate for your toddler to eat them.  You know exactly the right rocking motion needing to get your little one to sleep, what books you have to read and in what order before bedtime, the list goes on and on. No one else could be the mother you can be to your children, without doubt. No-one else can do what you do. Full stop. Be proud of that fact and stand taller.

In life, I believed for many years that motherhood would never come my way – it just wasn’t written in the stars despite my deepest wishes.  It was always someone else’s turn. And then things changed.  My journey hasn’t been straight forward with a miscarriage including in my total numbers but two little boys later here I am, a firm member of this world of motherhood that I wouldn’t give anything in this world for.

The responsibility is beyond anything I could have ever imagined and puts my out my comfort zone daily – but I know that this experience is literally making me a better person too.  And even when I feel overwhelmed with the “perfect” instagram mothers telling me I should be more crafty (I’m an engineer, ain’t going to happen and I don’t feel bad about it) or should be a size 0 whilst balancing my children on my knee at the gym (I like chocolate too much), I know that I’m the only one who could do this role for my children.  And they love me for it.

Never feel worthless because of what the outside world might want you to believe is to be a woman and mother.  You are unstoppable and you have proved that many times before.  No one could be the person you are in this life and always remember what truly matters to you is what is important and say hell to the rest.

Be proud and stand tall today. No-one else could do what you do for your family.  You are truly outstanding.

From one Mother to another, with love.

You can find Jennifer at www.mamafurfur.com

Instagram/twitter/facebook: @mamafurfur


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